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Twice the Power -series

What's this, you ask?
A series of stories revolving around fictional characters Mikio and Denji Sasaki, their friends and enemies, and their adventures in the world of Pokémon.

So, who's in it?

All characters in the series are my own creations, although I may from time to time include characters from the TV/game/movie series. And the Pokémon themselves are canon, so I guess it's fair enough.


(Disclaimers: This is fanfiction, and in no way part of the official franchise, just so you know. No profit has been made from creating this site, writing the fics, or posting them for the fans of the show and fan fiction to read.)


My relationship with the Pokémon fandom?

I fell in love with the show when I was a kid, watching its Finnish dubbed version on TV, and I used to play Pokémon Red as well. Recently I started to watch the TV show all over again, plus playing the games. I am in love. 'Nuff said.


My style? Is it any different from the canon?

As much as I love Pokémon as it is, I think a more mature touch is in order. While the spirit of Pokémon is awesome, I want to explore it in a harsher way - through the eyes of an adult. Thus, there will be hard topics, violence, perhaps even death and cruelty at times. Adventure and action. Blood, sweat and tears. New friends to meet and paths to explore. In the spirit of the TV show, but with an edge.


Warnings! There shall also be some slash [male/male] romance included in the fics, so if you're totally against that, then I ask you to consider whether you're open enough to enjoy my writing. I am, after all, a slasher at heart, and while I am not planning to push it to the front all the time, it will be there, and it will be all kinds of awesome. Just so you know ;)


So, where is the fic?

For now, I'm not planning on posting the fics here on this site. However, you can find links to all posting locations either on my fanfiction archive directory at Tumblr, or on Stories page. Links shall be included when there are any to post - in other words, when I have written something ;)


If this page is not for fics, then what is there?

Character profiles, their Pokémon, locations that I've created... Stuff like that can be found here. It's there to help me plan as I write, and for you to get to know the people involved in the fics.




With best regards,

the author of the series,

Del Rion.



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